Ṣágo ń búgò (Birds of same feathers)  

Monika Czyzyk & Seun Awobajo

4K video 9 min / 2019


Ṣágo ń búgò  it’s a collaborative performance and video piece. Czyzyk and Awobajo started to collaborate based on similarities between their artistic language and previous projects. For three  weeks using costume elements including animal masks that they have been both collecting for years. Together with Fodgang - dance group they created fictional movement stories in public spaces of Bariga, neighborhood of Lagos in Nigeria. Sago n bugo, it’s an idiom originated in Yoruba language which means birds of the same feathers. The expression is used to emphasize that everyone and everything is the same. One is a mirror to another. As individual actions are no longer enough, it is now necessary to act within groups, communities and nations.